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Is it Healthy Wearing Socks in Bed

Most people don’t wear socks before going to bed, but based on the latest researches, wearing socks before going to bed spreads the blood vessels and signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. So if you’re wearing socks before going to bed, you might just want to keep them on …

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You Can Replace These Unhealthy Foods

Do you know that some food can be replacement with other wich is more healthier for you. This wonderful list exchanges one food for another, but much healthier! Here are some healthy foods replacements: Pasta vs. Spaghetti squash If you replace spaghetti squash for pasta you can lose 2.5 pounds …

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5 Reasons Why To Eat Spicy Food!

Not many people like to eat spicy food, because it burns the tongue and leaves a hot sensation that’s hard to ignore. Some researchers found out that eating spicy food is good for health, so you might want to reconsider your stance on spicy food after reading this! 1. Boosts Your Immune System …

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