10 Years Of Goo Burst Out Of An Infinite Cyst With A Dilated Pore!

Whenever we assume that we’ve already seen it all and nothing else can surprise us, we get stunned by another one. By another case of disgusting popaholism. The following footage displays a procedure performed on a cyst that is being considered infinite or never ending since it never runs out of goo, there is always more to come out of the open pore.

At first Dr. Pimple Popper can’t tell if this is a cyst or a regular ol’ dilated pore of Winer (which is basically just a huge blackhead). As she begins squeezing, it becomes evident that open pore at the top is covering a surprisingly big cyst underneath it.

After 10 years of being cozy inside this man and growing and growing, this cyst doesn’t want to part with him. Dr. Lee has to really struggle to get the sac around the cyst out (once the contents have been removed), and even as she thinks she’s getting the last of it — SURPRISE! — there’s more!

Once the cyst is finally out, Dr. Lee refers to the empty gaping hole left on her patient as his “change purse.” But a few stitches take care of that, so I guess dude’s going to have find another place to store his car keys.

While her patient says he’s not interested in seeing all the gunk she extracted from his body, we popaholics sure are.