What Does The Belly Button Shape Say About Your Personality?

Your behavior is connected to the shape and size of your belly button. Weird, you think? See how.
Omphalomancy studies the field of navel shapes and it finds its use in predicting the personality of a person, on account of the shape of your navel. Even though you might think its completely ridiculous, the reality is that the shape, color, protuberance etc. of the belly button speaks volumes about your well being, your body and based on this, even your personality.

Here, we have 6 types of belly buttons and this is what they say about you as a person.

#1 Round
A round, deep belly button is indicative of an optimistic personality. If you have round belly button then you are the sort of person who would look at a dark cloud and point at the silver line. You are the kind of person who would get hurt and come out smiling because you learned something from it. The fact is that you are good at communicating your thoughts and that makes all your relations healthy and interactive. Plus, your optimism rubs off on people and who don’t like being around someone who could make them see hope. Luck is something you may not possess in abundance, but you compensate for it with your happy-go-lucky nature.

#2 Big
The big and deep belly button is a sign of a generous personality. If you have this belly button then you are the sort of person whose magnanimity knows no bounds. You are the sort of person who may suffer personally but never let it affect the ones close to you. You excel in man management as you are good with people and with age, you would grow much wiser due to the varied experiences you would have in life. The one problem that would emerge is that you may start doubting the need to be selfless in the selfish world, but once you move past that you’d realize that the only person who you should be is the one who you are.

#3 Shallow

The shallow and small belly button is indicative of a darker dimension of your personality. If this is the belly button you have, then you are the kind of person who is good at keeping a secret. You are someone who understands the darker side of people and someone who has been through a lot and has grown to distrust all except those very close to you. You may very well be mysterious yourself given the things you have seen and the kind of people you have experienced, making you a bit of a skeptic but for good reasons.

#4 Protruding

A protruding belly button is indicative of a strong-willed personality. You are the sort of person who may appear stubborn, but the fact is that you believe in sticking by your opinions which you arrive at after careful consideration. You also like being in the limelight (though you may not admit it), because you know your true worth and like being the center of attention for who you are. Love is an issue for you, as it will take some time before you find someone to match your capabilities, but once you find them, it will last.

#5 Upward

Big, deep and upwards is the ideal belly button shape and is indicative of a (relatively) healthy birth and hence a healthy mind. The primary qualities that define you are cheerfulness, energetic and active. You are the sort of person who is internally driven and inherently motivated. Your enthusiasm is infectious and not a lot of people know this, but you carry a secret goal in your heart which you wish to fulfill in life. Everything you do would drive you towards this goal and it may take time, but you will achieve it.

#6 Downward

Somewhat opposite of the upward belly button, the downward belly button is indicative of lower energy levels. This, however, is only physical. You are the sort of person who may not like to work too much manually, but would excel at brain games. You are the sort of person who people may call lazy, but they also appreciate your smartness at the same time. Lazy people find better ways of doing the same thing…this line is very true for you. So take it easy, lay back and keep doing your thing.