Is it Healthy Wearing Socks in Bed

Most people don’t wear socks before going to bed, but based on the latest researches, wearing socks before going to bed spreads the blood vessels and signals the brain that it’s time to sleep.

So if you’re wearing socks before going to bed, you might just want to keep them on your feet.

According to some researches wearing socks before going to bed actually helps you fall asleep faster. It regulates the body temperature which allows blood vessels to easily reach the brain and send stimuli signalling the body to go to sleep.

Socks also help improve your s*x life. Yes, you read that right. It helps you in reaching orgasm. 80% of the couples observed actually reached orgasm better with their socks on. Their brain scans were able to confirm this finding.

Before you go to bed tonight, you might want to grab a pair of socks. Go ahead, what do you have to lose?