She Dug Inside The MOTHER OF ALL LIPOMAS On A Person’s Back!

Dear popaholics, we decided to enrich your day with a true eye-catching video of Dr. Pimple Popper’s fight with what she refers to as the “bowling ball” lipoma, from one of her patient’s back. The above mentioned doctor, noted in the description of the video that she was hoping that she would be able to pop the lipoma, a benign tumor composed of fat, whole, but she was not, since there were too many “fibrous bands” trapping the lipoma where it is.

Witness the real popping struggle below in the video.

The lipoma was not “well-encapsulated,” meaning it tore easily, another barrier in the way of removing it as a whole. So she does what she does best—just digs around and starts grabbing out handfuls of the fat, like taking out the innards of a chicken.

According to the video caption on YouTube, the patient wrote about a month later, to tell her he was doing well, but that he missed his “built-in pillow” a little bit. Luckily, he has his wife for that now.