Wife Bursts A 4-Year Old Pimple On Her Hubby’s Face

Two types of people exist in this life: ones who take pleasure in popping juicy, goo-filled pimples, and ones who can’t stand the idea of it. Happily for Wade Powell, his wife is absolutely one of the former. In what can be perceived as the biggest act of love, Khristina Powell entirely destroyed a giant pimple that was on Wade’s face for four years the least! To be frank, we don’t know what took her so long…

She Couldn’t Stand It No More
It looks like Khristina Powell simply could not take it anymore. After waiting patiently for four entire years, her husband’s enormous pimple still hadn’t budged. That’s when she quite rightly decided to take matters into her own hands.
Keep Calm, She’s A Professional
Khristina is a registered nurse, which may have been what gave her the confidence to tackle the growth on the side of her husband Wade’s face. The couple, who live in Coalgate, Oklahoma, were both ready to see the end of it.
She Didn’t Want Us To Miss It
Khristina instinctively knew that the rest of the world wouldn’t want to miss this, so she very kindly filmed the whole thing for us and uploaded it online. When she did, the internet went absolutely crazy for it!
You could cut the tension with a knife as Khristina positions her two thumbs together in preparation for the big squeeze. Not wanting to mess it up, she is slow, steady, and methodical, as her medical training taught her.
The Horrifying Show
What happens next is disgusting and amazing all at once. Without much pressure at all, a whole four years of pus comes cascading out of Wade’s cheek and continues down his neck and chest. There’s video to prove it’s real!
It Didn’t Even Hurt
Throughout the video, you’re just waiting for wade to cry out in pain – the pimple is huge! But all he manages is a small wince just before his wife completely annihilates the large mass. What a brave husband under pressure.
It Was Basically An Avalanche
We’re honestly still in shock that this mountain of pus was just living in Wade’s face for four entire years! How could he have not taken care of this sooner? He’s lucky Khristina finally took action or who knows what could have happened!