The ‘Evil Eye’ Of Pimples Got BURST WIDE OPEN For Good!

Popaholic hour ! Guys, we got another one for you and it’s no less interesting than the others! This one’s a more superficial little cyst that looks somewhat disturbing. The doctors referred to it as the”evil eye,” however it’s about to get exorcised from this person’s skin. Sometimes, when you approach the cyst, …

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They Dug Into This Patient’s Insanely Huge Blackhead ‘Tunnels’ Ugh!

In the following video, you are about to see a procedure in which an enormous, deep blackhead on a patient’s back is being squeezed and scraped thoroughly. What at first sight looked as a normal blackhead wound up being a deep tunnel filled all the way with keratinous material waiting to burst …

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From Hiccups To Goosebumps, Why Are These Things Happening To Us?

The human organism is a complicated machine which instantly responds to certain stimulation. Starting from goosebumps and then tears and skin pruning, humans beings feel immediate changes in their bodies. However, there are scientific explanations for all of these responses. Their purpose can be of a protective nature or a …

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