This Is Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Pet

A great deal of people find their pets so irresistible that they decide to share their bed with them. There’s nothing wrong with the idea of sleeping next to a warm, furry and loyal companion, and it seems totally harmless. However, this might be due to the fact that what’s threatening about it is something you cant even see or know about. We are talking about the little critters crawling within the hair of your pets, whether it is fleas, bugs or even yucky worms!

You could catch the Bubonic plague!

That’s right, the bubonic plague. Even though it has been completely eradicated from the streets – it’s still out there. In fact there were over 23 records of humans contracting the debilitating illness from their family cats and dogs alike.

Dogs and cats are full of those icky, disgusting roundworms and hookworms. While full grown adults won’t necessarily latch onto you for sucking your life force, they will lay their eggs on your skin instead. They burrow underneath your skin afterwards.

Please don’t lick their tongues!

Your pets – pretty much like a little toddler – have the tendency to lick, eat and put anything which can fit into their mouths. And we’re not talking about little toys either. They like to feast on bugs and rodents.

They can’t control their poop

Dogs love to eat poop. They just can’t get enough of their own feces and if you’re not immediately put off by this alarming fact, then perhaps learning about the contents of their poop will – two words E Coli and Salmonella!

Their paws are not clean!

As is the case with their mouths which would lick just about anything, cats and dogs obviously don’t have any footwear (at least not anything that we know about). This means their furry little paws come into contact a lot of dirt!

Those ticks will rub off on you

It’s more than just their love which rubs off on you. If they have fur, it presumably means they harbor ticks. And those ticks love to feed on your blood and infest it with all kinds of nasty we can’t even mention.

Mange mites

Mange mites are extremely inconspicuous and are oftentimes hidden in plain sight. That’s because they reside on your dog’s hair follicles, which extremely miniscule crevices surrounding your hair. Every time you cuddle your dog or sleep with it, they transfer over to you!