7 Reasons Why Drinking Red Wine Is Good for Your Health

Red wine is a very popular choice of drink in western-style parties and dinners. Usually it is paired with a specific kind of meat dish that complements its taste. Not only that, but red wine is well-known for helping with digestion and also have many benefits in your everyday diet.

There are many other health benefits to red wine other than easing digestion. Here are 7 healthy reasons why you should be drinking more red wine. Remember to drink responsibly.

1. Fights Colds

A glass of red wine may help deal with the common cold. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health state that red wine contains antioxidants that fight infections as well as harmful free radicals.

2. Lowers High Cholesterol

Red wine is believed to assist in reducing cholesterol levels. People who frequently drank red wine saw a 9% decline in their cholesterol. Also, people who drank red wine and had high blood pressure noticed their bad LDL cholesterol levels go down by 12%.

3. Protects Your Heart

By reducing cholesterol, red wine also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Red wine helps lessen the chances of blood clots forming. Polyphenols in red wine keep your blood vessels flexible, thus protecting your arteries from any blockage. It works a lot like aspirin.

4. Balances Blood Sugar

Red wine helps keep your blood sugar levels regulated – excellent for those who suffer diabetes. The resveratrol present in red wine aids insulin secretion as well as insulin sensitivity.

5. Helps With Weight Loss

Piceatannol is a useful compound that forms in your body after drinking red wine. The compound is converted from the resveratrol that enters your body and is believed to block fat cells from forming. Researchers have reportedly found that piceatannol attaches itself to insulin receptors in your body. Try drinking red wine at a minimum of three times per week along with proper exercise and diet.

6. Protects Your Brain

Resveratrol has a lot of uses – one of which is the ability to promote better cognitive health. People who regularly drink red wine are less prone to mental problems as they get older. It could quite possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Helps with Cancer

Researchers are looking into the potential that red wine has in treating cancer. Their studies have found that the antioxidant quercetin that is present in red wine plays a part in causing certain cancer cells to die. Specifically, it targets colon cancer cells.