How To Use Onion Peels

If you realized that an item you generally dispose of has a great deal of positive aspects, would you start preserving it? Onion skin is recognized to be incredibly helpful for your health and well being. Indeed, the pungent smelling scales that you remove and throw in the garbage container can in fact perform miracles for your skin area.

Despite the fact that onion peels aren’t edible, but they are very helpful if you understand their effective qualities.

Here are some ways in which onion skin can be helpful to us:

1. It is anti-inflammatory

You can store it in water overnight and use the remaining water after all the beneficial agents have been absorbed by the water. It can be used for rashes, allergies or skin eruptions.

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2. It keeps flies and insects away

If you’re someone who’s haunted by flies and mosquitoes in your home, onion peel can help. Use the same water mentioned above and place it outside your windows and doors. The strong smell of the onion skin water will repel insects.

3. As a hair conditioner

After thoroughly washing your hair, just rinse it with some onion skin broth. It will leave a softening and nourishing effect on your hair.

4. Reduces cholesterol

Yes, onion skin can also lower your bad cholesterol levels. But that doesn’t mean you can replace it with exercise or healthy eating habits. Make an onion skin broth and drink it on a daily basis. You can add some honey or sugar in it if you don’t like the taste.

5. It helps fighting stomach infections

Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, onion skin broth can also be used as a tonic for stomach infections. If your doctor has advised medications, you can couple them with the onion skin broth as well.

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6. It has anti-cancer agents

Along with being anti-inflammatory and filled with antioxidants, onion peels contain an enzyme known as ‘Quercetin’ which helps in fighting cancer cells. You can prepare onion skin tea and have it every day before bedtime.

Here’s how you can prepare onion skin tea