Benefits Of Putting Cotton Ball Under Your Feet

Dried and cracked feet might be triggered because of the absence of dampness, dry skin, incorrect diet plan, bumpy floor surfaces, long term standing and having on high heels. Although putting on high heels is viewed as trend statement these days but there are specific ill-effects that happen in the human body when a frequent heel user stops wearing them.

Dry skin may develop yellow or brown thick lump which might further cause soreness, irritation, swelling and flaking of skin. The numerous ointments available in the market are not very effective. So, check out this DIY home remedy for treating your dry and rough feet within a quick span of time.

The cracks in feet can get deeper with time in turn causing pain and bleeding.

Ignoring dry and cracked feet can become a serious health problem with time.

Dry skin can also harbor several skin disorders.

There are some severe diseases such as eczema, corns, diabetes and thyroid disorder which are caused due to dry and broken feet.

This DIY home remedy for treating dry feet actually works.

You just need 10 aspirin or andol tablets.

Crush these tablets into fine powder.

Add 250 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol to the powder.

Keep this solution aside for 1-2 days, also shake the solution properly before using it.

Use this DIY home made solution every night.

Soak a cotton ball and apply it on your feet.

Now cover your feet using plastic foil.

Wear a sock and leave it overnight.

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Wash your feet with water in morning.

Rub your feet with towel and apply some foot cream or glycerin on it.

You’ll get satisfactory results after 10 treatments.

For better results, use foot scrubber before applying the foot cream.

This treatment will also prevent painful varicose veins.