Unusual Dermatology Condition

The online star and dermatological surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee does not just remove acne breakouts – a great deal of her video clips are focused to elimination of unusual skin growths, such as huge lipomas. One of her latest videos may possibly show the most unusual thing the viewers have ever witnessed.

This individual (known to be celebrity stylist EJ King) has previously been presented on the station before. Around a year ago, he arrived in for therapy of “An Oozing Lump on the Scalp,” as Dr. Lee explained it in the first video clip.

This time, the site of the oozing lump has sprouted a growth that looks like a fingernail gone rogue.

“He had this cyst on his head, and it looks like something still wants to grow out of it,” Lee said in the new video.

At first glance that “something” looks like it might be soft. But once it’s been excised, Lee reveals that it’s actually hard and nail-like. Skip ahead to 8:01 in the video and you can hear her tapping on it with her surgical scissors. (But be warned: The sound might make you shudder.)

Lee wrote in the video’s description that thinks the growth is a cutaneous horn, which is a hard, usually benign growth made from a skin protein called keratin. She also sent it to a lab for additional testing to confirm the diagnosis.

Right here is the video. Watch it below: