This Fruit Eliminates Body Odor Better Than Chemicals!

Perhaps you will refuse to believe it, and the single thought of it feels disgusting, but sweat can prevent and fight off infections. A certain compound that is found in sweat, accountable for destroying the vicious bacteria before they get inside your body is known as Dermcidin.

Now this is the role of antiperspirants in this process. They entirely ruin and sabotage it since they clog your sweat ducts with aluminum and toxins. Therefore, the bacteria on your skin has favorable conditions for spreading, growing and developing into your bloodstream.

This is why, for the purpose of preventing this, it is time to stop using antiperspirants and commercial deodorant as well, because they contain many toxins which can be extremely damaging to your health and cause Alzheimer’s, cancer, and reproductive damage.

But, it is a fact that we need to take care of our hygiene and body odor. And how can we achieve that if not with antiperspirants?

For that purpose, we suggest you to try solving your problem in a natural way. We are talking about LIME! Not only is completely safe for usage and does not have any side effects but also is considered as more effective compared to those artificial products! It has the ability to stop the odor from appearing instead of just masking it like deodorant does.

How to use it

Take a freshly-ripened lime and cut it in half. Take one piece and rub it into your armpit. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Then, let your armpits dry before you put on a shirt (this will also give time to the citric acid to work).

And that is it! This will keep you good for a few hours!

Keep the lime slices in a marked container.

Why it works

Actually, sweat itself doesn’t have that bad smell. The smell is caused by fungi and bacteria which manage not to be killed by the dermcidin. The bacteria continue to thrive and multiply in your armpits.