Unusual Blackheads On The Hand

This curious condition first appeared back in 2010, when a Reddit user called “gullibletrout” spotted something unusual on the hands of his spouse. The sudden and massive spreading of blackheads over the skin petrified them both. He made the decision to publish the photos in order to track its progression and exchange opinions with other users. The couple’s fear grew simultaneously with the manifestation.

At first, the black spots were very small and seemed perfectly harmless; the couple thought they were simply tiny blood clots.

However, the spots didn’t disappear, and instead grew larger by the day. With the couple’s blood clot theory now seemingly unlikely, the unknown condition appeared to be something else…

Now believing the skin issue could be a cause for concern, the couple went to several dermatologists to receive a diagnosis.

At one of the appointments, the doctor left the room for several minutes after staring in horror at the woman’s hand.

Surprised by this reaction, the worried couple later found out that the doctor believed the spots were the most advanced stage of melanoma — very serious indeed.

The anti-bacterial cream caused the spots to swell even larger and eventually burst. It wasn’t very encouraging to see what was inside them:

As the open wounds were now susceptible to infection and could become larger, the couple decided that they needed to take action.

With the woman’s hand now wrapped up in a bandage, they made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to get to the bottom of this disturbing skin condition once and for all.

Immediately recognizing the condition, the surgeon said the spots on her hand were pyogenic granuloma and the cause for their appearance was inexplicable; the only known treatment is to remove the growths through minor surgery.

It worked — her hand was back to normal again several weeks after the operation.

What a relief for the couple who could only watch on in horror as the tiny spots evolved into hideous growths. As terrifying as the ordeal was, the skin condition turned out to be nothing serious in the end. If you have any concerns about spots, moles or growths on your skin, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.