The New Intelligent Bras Detect Breast Cancer In Its Primal Stage!

The brand new breast cancer diagnostic is pretty identical in shape to other sports bras. This device has the power to detect the formation of cancerous illnesses in women from the earliest of symptoms and stages, before it can even be shown and recognized by mammography tests.

Devastating statistics

According to the American Association For The Fight Against Breast Cancer, almost one in 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer, in the United States. When it comes to men this number is one in 1000.

From 1999 to 2005, the number of those who are ill has increased by two percent. On the other hand this number reduced in women older than 50 years.

Innovation that can save lives

The company Lifeline Biotechnologies has also created a technology that can detect cancer on the basis of anomalies in the breast tissue.

According to some experts these bras will be able to detect the slightest change in only 12 hours. However you need to know that this product is still in the test phase.

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