Here’s Why Covering Wax Paper With Borax & Sliding It Beneath Your Fridge Is A Good Idea!

Usually, we never think of taking a peep under the refrigerator until something falls under it and we need reach and get it or move the entire fridge. But, trust me that after watching this video, below in the article, I bet that you will start doing it a lot more often.

Cleaning guru Melissa Maker shows us some awesome tips and trick below, among which sliding a sheet of wax paper covered in Borax under her fridge. To what end? Just watch the video below and we’ll promise you’ll go running to do the same.

This is not the only cool Borax trick the cleaning guru has up her sleeve. As she demonstrates, our favorite natural mineral cleaner can help you clean almost everything, from underwear stains to pan grease.

Here’s the video that’ll change the way you clean for good:

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