Homemade Bug Spray

Presently there are a whole lot of insecticides out there which usually can eliminate bugs quite quickly, but the issue appears as soon as we take a look in their components and see that they are made up of a lot of chemical substances which are harmful for our health and the insecticides themselves are dangerous for the environment and they can contaminate the air flow around us!

But, fortunate for use there are great amount of organic and non chemical options for this issue that are not that costly and are very successful in trying to keep the nasty flying bugs, flies and other bugs away from our house, thus getting us away from these harmful items.

Some people’s safety is endangered because only with one mosquito bite they can show a mild irritation, and in some extreme cases even a swelling and intense inflammation as well, but with this recipe your worries will be over because this is going to keep the mosquitoes far, far away from your house!

You are going to need the following ingredients:

  • Half a cup of natural vegetable oil.
  • Half a cup of
  • Half a cup of natural vinegar with a concentration of 9%.

How to prepare this amazingly effective mixture:

In order to make this mixture the first thing that you are going to need to do is to mix all of the ingredients in a container and after that pour the solution that you get in a bottle with a sprayer on it and spray the areas in your house where the mosquitoes are entering from in order to get rid of them, this solution can be used in the rooms in your house, in the garden, but It could also be used on your skin as a mosquitoes repellent as well!

Some facts that you did not know about mosquitoes:

The mosquitoes fall upon the same type of insects with the flies, these flying insects have one single pair of wings, their legs are long and thin and they have a head which has amazing proboscis. Their bodies and wings are covered in tiny little scales which are the same until the end, the volume of the bigger mosquitoes can vary from 3 mm all the way up to 9 mm.

The female mosquitoes often times suck blood from us so that they can develop their eggs. Not a lot of people know this fact, but adult mosquitoes, male and female too, also feed on the nectar out of flowers. Depending on the species of the mosquitoes the larvae feed on various different materials.

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The bigger portion of the types of mosquitoes feed on organic remains and little aquatic creatures. But, some species are predators and they, unlike these previous ones consume and pray on other mosquitoes. Grown mosquitoes mostly hunt from dusk to dawn, often times they hint in areas where many clouds are located and in some cases even in dark areas, because of the fact that sunlight does not soothe them because it can dry them and kill them.

Even though the fact that they are not that easy to differentiate them, there is a slight difference between a male and a female mosquito some of the male mosquitoes do not feed on blood which is not the case with the females most of the species of the female mosquitoes feed on blood. And, even though there are small portion of female mosquitoes which do not consume any blood but feed on nectar only instead, they get it from flowers, plants and other sugars as do male mosquitoes.