How to Get the Best Fruits and Vegetables at the Grocery Store

If you don’t know how, trying to get the best fruits and veggies at the grocery store can be very difficult. Have you ever seen someone tapping, squeezing and sniffing the products in the store? May look strange for you, but these simple tricks really will help to get the best product.

Here you have a list of 12 simple ways to pick out quality and perfectly ripe fruits and veggies. Besides preventing you from biting into something unpleasant, this also lowers the level of food waste you produce.

1. Corn

Instead of husking the corn, look at the tassels, which is actually the hairy stuff on the top of the corn. Opt for corn with brown and sticky tassels rather than dry and black ones.

2. Peppers

You want firm bell peppers with shiny and wrinkle-free skin. The same rule goes for orange, red, yellow, and green peppers.

3. Eggplant

First and foremost, look for eggplant which is relatively heavy and has smooth and shiny skin. Push it with your thumb and if bounces right back, it is ready to eat.

4. Butternut Squash

Any type of winter squash should be firm, with hefty weight, matte skin, dry stem, and nice color.

5. Watermelon

Check both color of the field spot and the size. The non-green section of the rind should be large, dark yellow/ orange since the longer and darker the spit, the longer the fruit ripened on the vine. This means that the watermelon is tastier and juicer.

6. Avocados

First, squeeze the fruit. Since avocados are a stone fruit, you don’t need too hard nor too soft. Then, look at the skin and look for dark-colored avocado. Ultimately, check the color of the fruit by removing the top. If the color it dark and brown, don’t eat it. If it is bright and nice, it`s ready to eat.

7. Cucumbers

Look at the color and the texture of the fruit. You want it to bee firm, dark green and wrinkle-free.

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8. Tomatoes

You want them to be beautiful, with deep color and sweet, woody smell.

9. Cantaloupe

You definitely don’t want an overripe cantaloupe! You should take into consideration two important factors while picking out cantaloupe: weight and smell. Choose heavy cantaloupe with sweet smell. Do a push test, too. If there is a bit of give, the fruit is ripe and perfect to eat.

10. Plums

Just like with avocados, plums and peaches, which are also stone fruits, shouldn’t be rock hard nor too mushy. Do a push test and if there is a little bit of give, this is what you are looking for.

11. Pineapple

The smell is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right pineapple fruit. If it has strong and sweet scent, it`s ready to eat. On the other hand, if it smells like vinegar, it is overripe.

12. Strawberries

To pick out the best strawberries, you should smell them and look at the skin. If its bruise-free and smells nice, it`s ready to eat.