He Made A Decision To Drink 4l Of Water Each Day For 30 Days, The Changes Were Shocking

This reporter was sent to on behalf of the “Thrillist” website and he had decided to drink a gallon (which equals 4 liters) of water every day for a whole month as an assignment, for the sake of an article. Even though he was aware of the fact that some changes were going to happen, surprised is a small word compared to what he felt when faced with the results.

Day 1: The party starts

Taking in consideration that the man did not know how many glasses of water a gallon contains, he decided to buy a plastic bottle of one gallon and carry it around with him. At the very start, he saw that this was not going to be that easy. He tried to concentrate on drinking water in order to reach his daily quota for the day. The man found it very odd to devote his own body and soul in the purpose of drinking water.

Day 5: I pee every 20 minutes

By this time, the man already started loving his habit of drinking water. Every human’s body is comprised of 60 percent water, and yet, no one drinks four liters of water on a daily basis. This is because this purpose seeks a great effort and you would have to drink water even when you are not thirsty. However, this is the only thing that is different. This, alongside the constant feeling of fullness, which may be an additional bonus, as you would eat less. Moreover, you would have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. This man had been though to be a drug addict due to his frequent going to the bathroom. He recalls being out and drinking, but, at every other drink he has been constantly running to the bathroom.

We can say that four liters of water a day are just too much. Check out why.

Day 10: I became prettier…?

The man noticed something going on, particularly in the morning. He used to be sleepy and needed a cup of coffee to open his eyes and get started, but after ten days of drinking water, he started waking up totally fresh and more energized. It was a pretty nice change for him, and he started feeling a lot better. He thought that it could be the placebo effect. His started got shinier, he started seeing himself as a more beautiful person, and he did not even know why. He continued finding it hard to carry enough water with him, but he tried having a plastic bottle at hand all the time, even when he slept. He had decided to reach the quota and he was making it. Some people thought he was a weirdo for carrying that much water around, and he even thought that his forearm strengthened.

Day 15: I’m full of energy

The journalist claims that he was feeling a lot more energized. He almost stopped drinking coffee, which was huge for him, as he used to drink three cups of coffee a day prior to this decision. Every evening he used to run. Fifteen days later, he felt that he had become faster. He started dreaming better and feeling less hot during the night’s sleep. Moreover, he started feeling incredibly thirsty whenever he did not drink water. It was like his body got used to the new habit and he even thought that his way of living could never be the same as before.

Day 20: People tell me I look like I am happier

At first, he thought that he did not know why was this happening, but then he remembered that he did know.

Day 25: I become a better person

Twenty-five days later, the man was still going to the bathroom frequently, but his girlfriend noticed that his skin looked cleaner and that he looked more energized. Even he himself felt the improvement in his mood. He got completely used to the habit of drinking water and did not have any problem with it. The amount had already become his norm.

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Day 30: Free and clean

The last day of the challenge was not that different than the previous ones: he was still feeling constantly thirsty and had to constantly go to the bathroom, as if he was the same age as his grandfather, with the difference that he was feeling great and young. The man’s conclusion is that a gallon of water (four liters) a day is too much, however, anything less than two liters is not enough.

The journalist says that he would not recommend this challenge to others, but he thinks it was great that he made this experiment and determined the amount of water people need to drink during the day.

At least we are all aware that we need to drink more water. Drinking enough water will make us feel a lot better.