Warning Signs That You Need to Drink More Water

Many experts recommend that average person should drink about 3 litters of water per day. In fact, the human body consists around 60% of water, so if you are not consume enough amount of water your body will show some of the following symptoms below:

  • Dark urine

When the organism is functioning properly, the color of your urine is light yellow. Otherwise, if you don’t drink enough water your kidneys will start removing more waste products in the urine, including toxins, proteins, and dead blood cells, which will change the color of your urine and it will become darker.

In addition to that, darkish urine may occur if you are taking certain medications, B vitamins, more blackberries, asparagus, beets than usual and food coloring. Yo u need to visit medical expert if the color of your urine remains dark even after you increase the water intake.

  • Reduction in urination

Adults should urinate 6 to 7 times a day. But, if you don’t drink plenty of water, in your body there is less fluid for replacement of the fluids that need to be removed from your body. In other words, your kidneys will keep as much as fluid as possible in order to prevent dehydration.

  • Constipation

If you don’t drink enough water, your body will begin absorbing water from any place it can, including your colon. If there is lack of water in your large intestine, hardening of the stool will occur. Still, there are many other causes for constipation including lack of physical activity, hypothyroidism, stress, food sensitivities, etc.

  • Dry mouth and thirst

Feeling thirst is symptom of dehydration. But, except thirst, another obvious symptom that your body needs water is dry mouth.

  • Dry and wrinkled skin

As Dr. Diana Howard explains, dehydration makes your skin inflamed, itchy and irritated. Insufficient amount of water in the body leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Hunger and weight gain

According to experts, human body cannot make a difference between thirst and hunger. The explanation for that is because hypothalamus – part of the brain in charge of hunger and thirst regulation, very often gets confused and it causes feeling of hunger, while your organism actually needs water. As a consequence of that, snacking instead of drinking a glass of water may lead to weight gain.

Next time before you take some snack, first drink a cup of water and wait 15 minutes. In case you still feel hungry, you should eat something. Otherwise, you were thirsty.

  • Poor immunity

When the organism becomes dehydrated, the amount of toxins in the blood significantly increases and that weakens the immunity. That is the reason why the water is crucial for the proper removal of toxins and protection from various infections.

  • Tiredness

A study conducted in 2011 has proved that even a mild dehydration may lead to fatigue and lack of energy. In addition to that, when your body needs water, your heart will begin to work much harder in order to push oxygen and nutrients through the entire body. Therefore, next time you feel tired, it is highly recommended to skip the cup of coffee and drink water. You need to be aware that coffee, sodas, tea, etc. will not replace water.

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  • Joint ache

Water lubricates the joints. Namely, water enables two bones to slide over each other as the joint moves. So, if you are not drinking enough water during the day, your joints begin lacking nutrients, and the cartilage cells become damaged.

  • Headaches

When there is lack of fluids your body will begin to absorb water from all other body tissues in order to compensate the water. As a result of this, the brain tissue loses its moisture and shrinks, and thus is pulling away from the skull.

This furthermore activates the pain receptors and the final result is headache. Experts say that headache will intensify once the blood volume drops and the oxygen needed in the brain is reduced.