Craving a Big Mac? These 10 Disgusting Facts Will Change Your Mind

You are probably familiar with those late night food cravings, those unhealthy, fast food and sweet ones that are so bad for us? This is because when we experience them, our body actually tries to tell us something else. This is understandable since fast food is of course fast and cheap and tastes good however, I think your mind is about to change after you read this article. Firstly, when eating a hamburger were you ever suspicious about the content of your meat? It appears that what you have been eating was a mixture of minced beetles and duck feathers all this time. Yet, it unfortunately seems so.

In the following text, we give you a list of the yucky reasons why you need to steer clear from this type of food at all times:

1. Ammonium Sulfate

This substance is frequently used in the production of bread, but this fertilizer is severely harmful to your health as it is also used for killing bugs.

2. Silicone Oil

This substance is frequently present in meals including the Chicken McNuggets. Its second name is dimethylpolysiloxane. Silicone oil is also used for production of contact lenses and other medical supplies.

3. Cysteine-L

Restaurants often use this ingredient. The cysteine-L is actually an amino acid that actually derives from human hair or duck feathers and gives the meat its taste. Moreover, this amino acid is also used to make the pastries and the bread softer.


This is an additive often used by McDonald’s for a number of their meals, even though the FDA has pre-approved it for consumption.

5. Propylene Glycol

This is a substance found in both food and cigarette producing industry. It is also used as an anti-freeze, which means it is pretty awful to think that you have actually consumed it.

6. Prescription Drugs

The Hopkins University has conducted a research and after the analyses of duck feathers, the experts have found out that numerous anti-depressants and other drugs are used in the breeding of ducks. In other words, when you eat a McChicken sandwich or a dish of McNuggets, you will think of the fact how the poultry was fed.

7. Dimethylpolysiloxane

This compound is often found in deep-fried foods and other completely unrelated things such as silly putty, caulking, contact lenses, shampoos and hair conditioners, cosmetic, polishes, heat resistant tiles, and other things.

8. Carminic Acid

This is a substance that is used in the production of fast food due to its ability to color the food (especially red meat). Have you heard that it is being synthesized by Cochineal beetles?

9. Cellulose

Even if it may sound strange to you, you should know that this substance is found in nearly all fast food dishes on a standard menu.

10. Silicon Dioxide

Every time you think of the fact that fast food contains industrial sand, you will surely be disgusted. This substance is mostly being used for chili sauces.

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