He Was Concerned About A Huge Butt Pimple, Physicians Left In Awe

There is nothing Dr. Sandra Lee, a renown dermatologist, hasn’t witnessed on her examination table at her practice in California, however, this case came as a shock for her despite of her experience.

A person turned to her, asking for help, since his condition had become insufferable. He was not able to sit down. The cause for this? A mammoth cyst (a zit) on his behind! Another doctor had previously done a tissue sample however hadn’t removed it. Thus, the disgusting task was left to Dr. Lee, whose impressive harvest begins at 2:48.

Take a look, but the footage is quite unsettling, even for those with a strong stomach.

Watch the video here.

The stream of pus just doesn’t stop, but what a palpable relief the man must’ve felt! Finally he’ll be able to sit down comfortably again…

According to the dermatologist, because of the cyst’s location, fluid easily fills up the empty space left over from where the sac was and slows down the healing process.

Luckily for the man, the fluid is not infected and the cyst will be able to heal properly