This Woman Had Something On Her Forehead Doctors Had To Pull Out

Women are facing a lot of pressure to maintain their youthful looks. Then 39-year-old Nong Guang from Thailand was no exception. She wished to appear younger so she went to get a wrinkle treatment in Bangkok, where a filler is injected by the doctor into the forehead to make it smooth and get rid of the wrinkles. However within a few years things started to go wrong. Tiny waves had appeared under her skin, modifying shape when pressure was applied so that Nong was able to make indentations in her forehead when pushing it with her fingers.

“I had the filler two years ago but then the last three or four days it had started to hurt a lot so I went to see the doctor,” she elaborated.

The new doctor confirmed that the filler material in her face had gotten infected. Now 41, she needed to have another operation. The surgeon made a small incision at her hairline and that’s how it started. Watch the whole procedure in this video, from 1:53: