Back Lump Explodes In The Removal Process (WATCH)

You have certainly been in a situation where you get up and take a look at yourself in the mirror and notice a brand new, red lump in the reflection, which happens to be unaffected by any type of creme or ointment. The frustration makes you pop it, since you feel that nothing else helps. Nevertheless, no one can compare to this person: He had no choice but to look for specialists to defeat the monster growing on his back.

Caution: Avoid watching this disturbing video if you think you cannot handle its content.

The horror! Thank goodness he couldn’t see what just erupted on his back. He probably would’ve passed out otherwise. I imagine this guy is a contender for “The Largest Zit in the World.” Ugh and how the doctor reacts so straightforward: She must be able to take a lot. Wow.