Baby Gets A Disease While Shopping In The Market

A scary discovering was made by a mother in Helensvale, on Queensland’s Gold Coast food store in Sydney, who believed her child was secure in a shopping cart seat. But she was incorrect, how did it occur?

Vivienne Wardrop of Australia had a shock when her young 10-month-old son Logan was taken to the hospital with meningitis.

Her son started to develop extreme fatigue and diarrhea, two common concerns that may come along with meningitis.

But what was surprising was that the places that her child was in weren’t as clean as they should be.

Twenty-four hours after Logan sat in shopping cart seat at a local supermarket, he developed diarrhea and a 103-degree fever. He complained of dehydration even after being treated by a pediatrician.

He was then taken to a hospital and was found to be suffering from meningitis. He spent 10 days at the hospital to take treatment for meningitis, rotavirus, salmonella, and adenovirus.

Babies develop meningitis more easily than adults. Meningitis is often noticed through fever, stiffness and a lack of appetite or general inactivity.

Some babies like the one in this picture here can also develop rashes and skin irritation.

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It was eventually found that the concern came from the shopping cart seat that he was sitting on. This resulted in worries over how shopping carts in public places might not be fully clean.

Logan is a healthy baby, he was not suffering from any ailment. He is on the road to recovery but this proved to be a scary journey. The problem is that any kind of seat could be dangerous to a child.

There is always scope for a child to contract meningitis and other conditions if seating areas are not healthy. Vivienne is hoping that this event can be used as a warning to other parents about the dangers of meningitis.

She is encouraging parents to use antibacterial wipes on all cart seats that they put their kids in. This includes carrying one’s own wipes everywhere as there are no guarantees that a retail spot has such wipes.

Also, a blanket can be added into the seat before placing one’s child there as a means of adding protection.

Naturally, blanket that is to be used should be also be clean.