Reasons Behind Your Muscle Cramps, Headache And Acne

You might not be a medical professional by occupation but definitely you know how vitamins and minerals are needed to keep you healthful and in shape. But, at times because of too occupied work schedules, you delay in taking proper care of yourself and your diet plan as well.

But, your body system by itself does this work for you and delivers you indications about its very own health and wellbeing. The acne breakouts, headaches, cramping pains, hair fall, brittle nails are nothing at all but indicators that reveal the mineral deficit within you.

Do you know over 75% of Americans are magnesium deficient due to which they face a headache and muscle cramps often. Even though you have a very busy schedule, do not ignore your health, just consume everything that regulates minerals’ quantity in your body and keeps you healthy, fit and of course, happy.

1. Acne problem – Zinc deficiency

Acne is nothing but an ugly and painful spot on your beauty. It occurs on your face, shoulder, back and front area of the body. To get rid of it, you apply various cosmetics, acne treatment creams and gel, but have you ever tried to find out its root cause? It’s the deficiency of zinc which is an essential mineral that keeps your skin healthy and improves your complexion. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts and spinach, are the excellent source of zinc.

2. Headache – Magnesium deficiency

Every time, tiredness or anxiety is not a cause of a headache. Sometimes it happens to you because you are magnesium deficient. Don’t bother, you can get rid of it by consuming banana in your breakfast and adding cabbage in your diet.

3. Muscle cramps – Magnesium deficiency

What to eat to regulate magnesium quantity in your body has been mentioned above but there is one more recommendation for you: if you often face muscle cramps, do start taking a hot bath using Epsom salt.

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It contains magnesium that gets absorbed by your skin and gives you rid from the issue.

4. Brittle nails and dry & dull hair – Vitamin B7 deficiency

The nails and hair condition speaks very clearly about your health status. If your nails are getting brittle and hair dry, be aware, there is something essential missing inside you and that is vitamin B7. Peanuts, yeast, cheese can be consumed to avoid the deficiency and make your nails and hair naturally beautiful.

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5. Weak hair – Iron deficiency

If you start seeing a bunch of hair coming out easily in your comb, one of the reasons may be due to iron deficiency. Dark green leafy vegetables and red meat are the excellent sources of iron.

7. White Swellings – Essential Fatty Acids

We often ignore such kind of painless mark that is usually encountered on our finger top and wrists. This painless swelling indicates the deficiency of essential fatty acids which can be fulfilled by consuming food rich in omega3, including fish, seafood, fish oils and nuts. Do share these useful recommendations with your friends and family.