7 Incredible Things That Occur When A Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Beside Your Bed

Himalayan salt lamps are the new trend, an item every health enthusiast goes through great lengths to have. Owning one and keeping it inside your house can be compared to opening a window. They serve as a natural spring of fresh and cleansed air, and their lighting properties can really come in hand. If you can afford it get one for your office, living room and bedroom, you won’t regret it.

But, before we bring you closer to its benefits, you need a slight knowledge in chemistry.

All matter (the human body, air, water, etc) is made up of molecules which are made up of atoms which are made up of three types of particles: protons (positive charge), electrons (negative charge), and neutrons (no charge).

Electrons orbit their molecules like planets revolve around a star.

Occasionally an electron flies off and when it does, it leaves behind a positively-charged ion whose sole purpose in life becomes to fill the void left by its little lost electron.

In other words: it wants to steal a replacement electron from another molecule.

Due to differences in molecular structure (number of electrons in the outermost orbit, strength and structure of electron bonds, etc) some materials lose electrons much more easily than others.

Now that you know more about the positive and negative ions, check our 7 benefits provided by Himalayan salt lamps.

  1. Clean and fresh air

This is the greatest benefit of all. Himalayan lamps are used for its potential to filter dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other air-borne contaminants. “But how do they do this,” you may wonder. “It’s just a big chunk of salt with a light bulb inside, right?”

Yes and no. it is much deeper than this.

Himalayan salt lamps filter air through hygroscopy. It is a process in which these lamps attract water from the environment, and absorb it. The salt crystals also absorb every foreign molecule.

Himalayan salt lamps warm up from the heat released from the light bulb that is set inside, which means that the water evaporates back, and the nasty stuff gets stuck inside the crystals.

  1. Relieve allergy and asthma

Given that these lamps attract dust, pet dander, mold, mildew and other microscopic particles from the air, so having one of these in your room can really help you deal with allergies.

It also helps people who deal with asthma. You should notice an improvement within a week. Try Himalayan pink salt inhalers, too. These can do miracles!

  1. Relieve cough

The heat starts up the hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles, and it also changes the charge of the molecules. Read the part with the “chemistry lesson” again.

Most homes are loaded with positive ions, which is something you do not need. Positive ions are released by numerous sources, but electronics is the major source.

Positive ions make the cilia in your trachea sluggish, and these fail to keep contaminants away from your lungs.

Himalayan pink salt lamps also absorb positive ions.

When the lamp releases water vapors back in the air, it also releases negative ions that work well for your airways. This stimulates the cilial activity, and keeps the lungs clean.

Himalayan salt lamps not only remove contaminants, these also clean the air you breathe, so no odd particles can get into your lungs.

  1. Energy boost

Can you imagine what it feels like to drive with the windows open, lay on the beach or walk in the mountains? Well, each of these activities gives you plenty of negative ions, and that is exactly what you get when you have a Himalayan salt lamp near you.

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Positive ions draw energy out of your body. But, we usually set a different diagnose, because none of you knows that it is negative ions that harm the body.

If you often feel tired for no reason, keep a Himalayan salt lamp in the room you spend most of your time. You will notice a difference in a week.

  1. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

We live in a metaphorical ocean of electromagnetic radiation released from your TV, personal computer, cell phone, tables, appliances, stereo, etc.

This radiation is an invisible force that may cause serious issues like chronic stress, fatigue, weak immunity, etc.

Negative ions neutralize electromagnetic radiation. Keep one Himalayan salt lamp near your electrical devices to reduce their dangerous effects.

  1. Sleep

Positive ions cause insomnia, and keep you awake at night. These particles reduce the blood and oxygen supply to your brain, and affect good night’s sleep.

Himalayan pink salt lamp generates natural negative ions, and may help you improve your sleep. Have one or two lamps in your bedroom to sleep better at night.

If you cannot sleep with the lights on, turn off the lamp before you go to bed. You can turn it on during the day, and it will do the job before bedtime.

If the climate of the place you live in is humid, the lamp may weep as the salt cools. Place a saucer underneath the lamps and follow the instructions.

  1. Better mood and concentration

Himalayan salt lamps improve mood, relax the body, and improve your memory and concentration.

It is all about the negative ions. These improve the flow of blood and oxygen in the body. They also stimulate the production of serotonin, or the “happy” hormone.