Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps Flooded The Market: Here’s How To Differentiate A Real One From A Fake

Himalayan pink salt lamps are currently a must have. The reason for their popularity is their ability to destroy allergens and pollutants and offer a calming atmosphere in the house as well as providing various other health advantages. To put it in other words, the world’s gone nuts over these salty lamps. However, it’s a shame that this gave some individuals a chance to make money out of selling fake ones.

In this article we give you nine ways to tell if the lamp that you just got is fake.

  1. The lamp is too bright

The shade of Himalayan salt crystals varies from medium pink to orange. The light that is released through the crystals is uneven because of the minerals in the salt which is why average salt lamps emit soft warm glow. If your lamp has the power to illuminate the entire room, you sure got the fake stuff.

  1. The lamp has a white crystal, and did not cost a thing

As we already mentioned, Himalayan salt lamps can be pink or orange. White salt is rarely found and it is more expensive than the colored varieties. If you bought nice white lamp that costs the same as the orange lamps, your product is definitely not made from Himalayan pink salt.

  1. The lamp handles moisture exceptionally

Original Himalayan pink salt lamps filter the air and absorb moisture and airborne particles. It evaporates pure water back in the room it is set. This causes sweating, which is one of the issues related to Himalayan pink salt lamps. It is commonly known as hygroscopy. If your lamp does not have ‘powers’ like these, it has nothing do to with the Himalayan salt.

  1. The lamp is extremely durable

Original Himalayan salt lamps are super fragile. These products are often damaged during transportation. Moreover, even the slightest bumping into another object may chip off tiny bits of the crystals. If your lamp remains intact whenever you handle it wrong, it is not genuine product.

  1. Poor return policy

Given that Himalayan pink salt is quite fragile material, suppliers usually have convenient return policies. If you are interested in buying your own lamp, and the supplier provided a poor return policy, think twice before buying the product. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are often damaged during transportation. Keep in mind that even if the lamps are real, you should still consult the supplier about any refunds and exchanges.

  1. The lamp does not provide any notable / visible health benefits

We have largely written about the benefits provided by Himalayan pink salt lamp. Although man people find it hard to believe in their power, these lamps do relieve symptoms caused by asthma and allergy. They also boost energy, fight Seasonal Affective Disorder, etc. if your lamp has no ‘powers,’ you just bought a fake product.

  1. The crystal does not originate in Pakistan

Genuine Himalayan pink salt is mined in Khewra, Pakistan. This area is located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains. If you have no information regarding the genuineness of your lamp, ask the supplier about the origin of the crystal.

As you can see, getting real Himalayan pink salt is not an easy bite. Always check the source before you pay for the product.

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