Young Lady Has Leech Removed From Her Nose

Daniella Liverani is a 24-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland. She enjoys traveling the globe and stop by amazing, far-off locations. Lately, she travelled on a journey to Southeast Asia with just a back pack.

At the time she got back at her house, she had no idea that she had carried with her a stowaway from Vietnam!

While in Asia, Daniela had fallen off a motorbike. She wasn’t badly hurt, but she started to suffer from nosebleeds after the accident. But the young woman just shrugged them off and continued her adventure.

Once back in Scotland, however, she noticed that they were getting worse and more frequent. She could feel that there was something up there, but she assumed that it was just a blood clot. More surprisingly, one day while she was taking a shower, she felt a sticky mass touching her lip. She got out of the shower to look in the mirror.

Daniela couldn’t believe what she saw — there was a large, veiny mass protruding from her nose! She immediately realized that there was some kind of creature living in her body.

In total shock, she went to the ER. She suffered a lot while doctors tried to pull the creepy beast out of her nose with surgical pliers. But the creature wasn’t about to be evicted from its new home so easily and put up a lot of resistence. Daniela was completely freaking out!

The animal that had taken up residence in Daniela’s body was a leech and it had been slowly sucking her blood. These creatures are dangerous parasites and can continue feeding indefinitely, sometimes to the serious detriment of the host.

Doctors think that the leech entered Daniela’s body while she was swimming or through something she drank in Asia. It had been in her body for weeks and had grown much larger.

The leech was obviously well-nourished because it had reached a length of three inches!

Daniela shows the creature she had inside her to the world.

It’s impossible not to get a bit queasy at the idea of a creature living inside your body and feeding on your blood.

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Daniela was curious and asked the doctors what would have happened if the creature had not been pulled out. Their response was extremely unsettling: it would have eventually made its way to her brain and begun feeding on it!

Daniela’s story is enough to send a chill up your spine. The leech was eating her without being noticed and could have killed the young woman. That’s why we always need to pay close attention when traveling to foreign countries, because animals that we aren’t familiar with, even microscopic ones, can be deadly!