She Woke Up With A Chunk Of Skin Missing. To The Right, Stood The Culprit

A girl from Louisiana, called Meghan Linsey, recognized for being second on “The Voice” competition not long ago. However, recently she ghosted the social networks, leaving her fans confused and worried.

After some time passed, Meghan decided to share with her fans, the reason for her absence:

That horrible scar appeared like this: “I woke up to a stinging sensation on my face. I looked and in my right hand was a dead spider. Somehow while I was sleeping, a spider had bit me and I had killed it. This scenario is literally on the top of my nightmare list. The stinging was awful and I knew it had to be poisonous. I put the spider in a bag and headed to urgent care.”

Over the next couple of days Meghan experienced muscle spasms, a rash came out and covered her entire body, and the skin around the initial bite turned black as the tissue in the area died. Part of her treatment included being in a hyperbaric chamber with a higher level of oxygen than normal, to help the skin regenerate.

Doctors at the ER confirmed that she’d been bitten by a brown recluse spider, one of the two most venomous spiders in the United States. (The other is the black widow, more famous thanks to Marvel Comics and Scarlett Johansson!)

Fortunately, within two weeks, Meghan had already recovered and, for the most part, her scar is barely visible. If you live in an area with such spiders, good luck! And be sure if you kill one not to touch it: the poison is bad for your skin even without a bite.

As if we needed another reason to be scared of spiders!