Unspeakable Terror After He Kill This Large Spider

Simply when you thought bots couldn’t get any creepier, nature finds a way to enhance the bar. Whenever the Australian man who shot the video below sprayed a spider, this individual never anticipated the terrible thing that happened next. …Not many people would!

Like something out of an alien or horror movie, a worm-like creature oozed out of the spider in a spiral motion.

But the man had no idea what the creature was. So, he took to the internet, where he posted the video originally on Facebook. On YouTube, the video has garnered over 12 million views. We are certain you can also attribute to this footage 12 million shudders and chills!

Of course, for some people, such a phenomenon doesn’t disgust but fascinates. And there are those, perhaps, who are saddened to see that the spider endured such a fate. But the question remains–what sort of creature emerged from the spider’s body?

Some have allegedly asserted the creature is nothing but a noodle, but others have claimed it’s a parasitic worm. It’s more likely the latter group of people have it right. The creature in question might be the mermithid worm parasite, as explained here .

For those of you who find spiders and creepy crawly things disturbing, you might want to avoid watching the video below. YouTube user ermonski said it best in the comment section of the video. This is a situation of a “nope coming out of another nope.”

Watch as the strange worm-like creature emerges from the dying spider: