A Single Leaf Of This Grass Can Save Lives

Leukemia is one of the deadliest types of cancer that is impossible to prevent. However, this plant will definitely be a life changer for patients fighting cancer. The extract from the roots of the dandelion are extremely powerful, particularly when treating leukemia.

“Recent studies claim that dandelion root is cytotoxic for three types of cells of human leukemia, killing up to 96% of the cells after only 48 hours!”

Dandelion Roots Health Benefits:

Research has discovered that dandelion root extract incorporates active compounds that demolish melanoma, prostate and breast cancer.

This extract has been long used in traditional treatments, and studies only confirmed its potential.

Make yourself a nice cup of dandelion root tea, and save your life.

Why Dandelion is a Cancer Fighting Medicine

Anecdotal reports of folks plucking dandelion from their yard, drying it, and grinding it up into an edible powder suggest that the root extract of this medicinal plant helps significantly boost immunity, which combined with its appetite stimulation properties is exactly what the body needs to prevent cancer development.

More recently, dandelion root has been a focus of study for its ability to improve liver and gallbladder function, as well as stimulate appetite. And right now, human clinical trials are taking place to evaluate how dandelion root extract might help in treating blood-related cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia.

Dandelion Root Extract Tested on 30 End-Stage Cancer Patients

Researchers from Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Canada are confident in dandelion’s anti-cancer potential. Dr. Siyaram Pandey, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, announced in February 2015 that they had received approval and funding for human clinical trials. The team is testing a potent form of dandelion root extract on a group of 30 patients with end-stage, blood-related cancers.