The 20 Best Kitchen Tips And Tricks Nobody Told You About

On today’s menu we have for you the 20 best kitchen tricks that you will ever come across in your life. We are sure that it’ll simplify all of your chores and everyday activities. Let’s say you struggle with time and still want to eat healthy, we’ll show you how to prolong the freshness of your fruits and vegetables and many other useful hacks.

1. No more bacteria on dairy items

This is for both cottage cheese and sour cream too. Their shelf life is short. What to do? Put the box upside down in the fridge. When this is inverted, it is a vacuum inside that displaces bacteria for spoiling food.

2. Longer shelf life of veggies

imple really; put paper towel on the fridge shelves. This gets excess moisture of the veggies and stops them to rot.

3. Eggs must be fresh, how to check them?

If you hesitate if the eggs you bought are fresh, just place them in a bowl of water. If the egg sinks it is fresh. If it floats it is not fresh.

4. Stop brown sugar to get clumpy

Keep this sugar in the fridge and it will not get clumpy. If it is already clumpy, soften it by putting a sealed bag with fresh bread and apple inside. Strange, but effective!

5. Keep salt from getting hard

Put some rice grains in this, is that simple. Why is this working? The rice gets extra moist of the salt and makes it grainy like fresh.

6. Prevent dry cheese

If the cheese dries fast, making the other layers dry and unappealing with cracks, do this; rub the cheese with butter or oil. If you choose butter, press it nicely into every crack and edge that separates.

7. Keep butter fresh

If you get butter on sale, get more and store something for later in the freezer. The shelf life there is 6 months, so place it in zipper bag to avoid freezer odor from other foods.

8. Revive flat champagne

Make the champagne fizzy once more! If it has no bubbles or is flat, put 1-2 raisins inside the bottle minutes before you pour it!

9. Make pudding into muss

Just prepare the pudding with WHIPPED CREAM and not water/milk. Bon appetite!

10. Reverse crystalized honey

Honey is the only food item in the world that NEVER SPOILS. But, it can get harder and form crystals. To reverse this, place the honey jar in warm water and it will be back to the liquid state.

11. Reverse too salty soup

Add raw potato or apple in the salted food to ‘vacuum’ the extra salt. Then boil them for 10 min and turn off heat. Take out the potatoes/apple off the soup. If the meal is still salty, add a bit sugar or vinegar. Or just add water and dilute the food.

12. Save meat that is sinewy

Marinate the meat with some of these: tomato juice, vinegar, beer, papaya, lemon or pineapple too. All these have good enzymes that work well with the meat that is sinewy. If still the effect is not there, just cut the meat with pizza cutter.

13. Remove excess soup fat

In case you got the time, put a bowl with soup in the fridge for half an hour and remove the crusty fat layer after this. If you do not have time, put ice cubes in the soup and you can see the fat gathering easily. Or lastly, just place lettuce piece to get the extra fat on it. When it is softer, remove it.

14. Reverse burned milk taste

If the milk burned, add a bit salt and the burned odor will be gone.

15. Make fruits ripe

To make fruits get ripe during the night, put them in paper bag with an apple too. The apple will release ethylene gas that makes things riper faster.

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16. Save the sauce that burned

If this happened, quickly put 1 tsp peanut butter in every cup. The smell and burned aroma will be gone!

17. Remove bad smell in plastic containers

The plastic can get bad smells, we all know that. Even with washing, the smell lingers. Fill every plastic dish with newspaper to get the bad smell. And again, wash before usage.

18. Restore burned pan

Clean the burned pan by putting some baking soda and 5 tsp salt in the pan. Put water now just enough to cover the dry items and leave it that way for the night. The next day, wash the pan and see it shiny.

19. Clean stainless steel

Get alcohol to remove those steel stains. Put the alcohol on some cloth and rub the area.

20. Copper polishing

Get ketchup. Sprinkle some of it and use cloth to rub and clean.