This Simple Trick Makes Even The Dirtiest Pans Look Brand New (VIDEO)

Always is good when we finding cool tricks to make cleaning kitchen very easier. But sometimes we need to look outside of kitchen in order to clean it thoroughly – like this bathroom trick to cleaning dirty oven racks.

And if you’re someone who uses their kitchen frequently, then you know how your baking sheets and pans get stained. There just doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it, even if you scour it with a rough surface. Or is there?

Actually, if you want to clean your oven pans then you need to stop looking for kitchen objects to do the work. The secret actually lives in your laundry room. What is it? Dryer sheets!

Learn how to use dryer sheets to clean your dirty pans in a jiffy…

Our friends at NIFTY found the perfect way to clean your pans without any effort. Not only is it easy, it works while you sleep – and your pans will be looking almost brand new.

In order to use this cleaning trick, just following these simple instructions.

Place a dryer sheet in the middle of your dirty pan. Yes, a dryer sheet. Those things that soften your laundry. It doesn’t matter what brand of sheet you use. Any will work to degrease and clean your bakeware.

Now pour in warm water. Wash it directly over the dryer sheet in the middle and make sure it gets soaked. Do this step over the sink, if you think you’ll make a mess.

Now introduce some dish soap. Squeeze a liberal amount into the pan and make sure you get it everywhere. You don’t need to focus on any particular area of the pan. Just make sure you get it all over.

After you’ve followed all these steps, reach into the pan and start rubbing the dryer sheet all around the pan. Clean using a wiping motion with the sheet. Use the sheet as if it was a sponge and you were trying to remove the caked on grease – but don’t worry if it doesn’t come off yet, because you’re not done yet! You’re merely doing this step to make sure the soap gets up in all the nooks and crannies.

Wait one hour. Just let the pan soak with all the cleaning goodness you just did to it. While you wait give yourself a manicure or a pedicure. Soak your feet in some warm water with Epsom salt. Anything to just relax – you deserve it.

After your timer goes off, remove the dryer sheet and dispose of it. Take a sponge and start wiping down your pan. The leftover food particles and caked on grease should come off very easily as you sponge at the junk.

Now you’ll be left with a shiny clean baking pan!

Check out the video below for even more information on this amazing cleaning hack. It’s super easy and a must-try!

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