Take A Look What This Hairdresser Discovered

How does it really feel, when you get to understand that a disease or an infestation has began growing in the area?

You creep out, don’t you? You will not believe exactly what this hairdresser discovered when she combed the women’s hair. And you need to share this with your close friends on Facebook. Do you remember when an infestation would reach your area and distribute around the school?

You would take every possible step to get rid of it. From stopping sharing hair combs to hats. But sometimes it just isn’t enough to stop those bugs from getting onto your scalp especially if that bug is a louse.

This happened at Tony and Guide beauty school in Modesto.

Veronica said that cases like these probably happen once or twice a week.

She has even started training and educating the students, techniques to check lice.

She says that it is easy to detect if you check at the nape section.

This happened after scientists discovered the super lice in more than half the country.

It was tried and it is proven that it cannot be killed with the chemicals present in the products.

These “nothing protects you better” products proved out to be fatal.

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And a summer treatment FDA approved Lice treatment gets it done in $70.

The pediatrician says strict medication, nitpicking and combing can help you get rid of these super lice.

Check out the video for more details:

They seem time-consuming and time wasting but the pediatrician states,”Prevention is better than cure.” Take that as your line of defense.




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