Side Effects Caused by Sleeping With Wet Hair

You actually didn’t knew if is alright to sleep at night with wet hair? Our parents usually point out that sleeping with wet hair is a bad option, as it can trigger pneumonia or cold. But, is this correct?

The simple fact is that it cannot, but if you get to your bed as soon as you have taken a shower with wet hair you can nevertheless encounter several negative results and right now you will recognize the answer.

First thing is that we have to think about the moisture which is retained for too long in the hair and it can lead to scalp inflammation and it can cause itching sensation. Additionally, it can cause mane damage and the hair porosity will be increased as well.

That is the reason why it is not recommended to keep the towel or caps for too long around your hair. We present you other disadvantages that can be case be going to bed with wet hair:

1. Headache

If you sleep with wet hair you can have severe headache. It can happen while sleeping because the temperature of the body rises. The body will heat up and the collected moisture on the towel which you may have been wrapped around your head could cause a headache because there would be a huge difference in temperature.

2. Hair Breakage

Wet hair can cause break of the hair a lot faster. If you want to sleep with wet hair, there is big chance that it can cause breaking of the hair and that is why you should not sleep with wet hair.

3. Sticky hair

If you are going to sleep with wet hair remember that you can have sticky hair and the next morning will entangle and it will bind among itself. People who have long hair are recommended not to sleep with wet hair, because that will cause hair breaking and other problems as well.

4. Infections

Pillows are perfect place for bacteria growth because it will absorb dead skin, sweat, body oils and cells. Wet hair will wet the towel and it also carries moisture onto the pillow that in the end will become perfect nest for bacteria development.

5. Itchy

Sleeping with wet hair may lead to different types of itching, and this happens because of the moisture which is formed in the skin of the head.

6. Muscle pain

Sudden changes in the temperature may cause muscle pain, facial paralysis or severe cramps. This may can eventually cause paralysis of the entire body and lead to death.

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7. Dandruff

The moist scalp could interfere with the sebaceous gland function glands which are present on their scalp. They may either start to produce way more oil or it can reduce the production of oil. It may change the natural pH balance of the scalp and the result can be too much oil in the scalp or too much dandruff.

That is the reason why if you want to stop these types of setbacks and diseases, you have to avoid sleeping with wet hair. Instead use a towel after bathing, and the pillow and sleeping space have to be dry. The best option is to wash your hair at day time.