Suffering From High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems? Make Sure You Eliminate These 14 Foods For Good !

If you’re trying to maintain optimal health the key is a balanced diet. One of the main factors of coronary disease is bad nutrition. Some food products impair circulation, harm the heart, and furthermore result in many serious health issues. You need to avoid following foods as they have negative effects on your health:

– A void t able salt

Consuming too much salt can contribute water retention also impaired blood circulation, which leads to higher risk of experiencing heart or kidney or brain issues.

– Margarine

This is most unhealthy food in supermarkets and it actually requires high temperature to get its final form. Also the bad thing is that it contains nickel, platinum, aluminum.

– Ramen Noodles

These noodles have 14 grams of fat and 1580 mg of sodium.

– Pizza

Pizza is rich in sodium, which is harmful ingredient for your health.

– French fries

French fries portion has 19 grams of fat and 270 mg of sodium, and excess sodium makes body retain water which leads to weight gain.

– Chicken Noodle Soup Canned

Besides being convenient for people who do not have enough time, it possesses excessive sodium amounts, harmful it is- serving includes 800 mg of sodium.

– Frozen Pot Pies

There are 1300-1400 mg of sodium and 35 g fat found in a sweet pie-that exceeds the allowed limit per day.

– Processed Meats

Eating meat products, such as bologna, frankfurter, also bacon, and wieners, triggers the health of heart. These should be avoided and low-salt meat, as chicken or turkey bosom, should be consumed as well as incline hamburger, all in order to prevent hypertension and keep heart healthy.

– Pickles

Pickles are low in calories, but aboundant in sodium. In fact there is about 570 mg of sodium in a medium-sized pickle, which is 1/3 more of allowed limit per day.

– Canned Biscuits

These biscuits include a lot of processed substances.

– Sugar

Artificial sugar especially is connected to developing high blood pressure and severe heart issues.

– Red Meat

Just reduce intake of junk food and foods that are rich in trans-fats, as red meat, since they are linked to impairment in vein performance and heart issues.

– Pop

A study conducted in suggesting fuzzy drinks and sodas found they are full of artificial sugar, which is one of the main causes of developing hypertension.

– Doughnuts

Very tasty, but contain plenty of fats and calories as for example, there are 12 grams fat and also 200 calories in one doughnut.

– Liquor

Alcohol lowers blood supply levels, which is confirmed in studies, and to be specific, a South Korean research showed- liquor is the major culprits of high blood pressure.

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Fiber-rich foods help in reducing high blood pressure, also vegetables, beans, grain oats, and peas, rice, and pasta because they are abundant in minerals and vitamins and have longer feeling of satiety.

– High-Potassium Foods like Some Vegetables:

Foods rich in potassium help in reducing sodium levels, prevent high blood pressure. Therefore eat more lima beans and spinach, tomatoes, also sweet potatoes, oranges, and bananas.

– Spices and Herbs

Rather than adding salt, just add some healthy herbs in dishes- add thyme, rosemary, sage,basil and oregano.