Story Of Fertility

The forecast gave them 1 in 70-million chance. Once Tyson and Ashley Gardner were done with their ultrasound appointment, they came out smiling from ear to ear after discovering that they had won their eight-year long fertility battle. However, they couldn’t have known that their excitement was about to hit the roof.

During the countless fertility experts and treatments, Ashley and Tyson were always there for each other.

Their last option was IVF treatment, and for Ashley came a long list of medications, daily injections, more treatments and lots of headaches. But her hope for her future children let her handle it all like a pro!

Soon after the news of their successful pregnancy, the Gardners accepted a new reality that would change their lives for better.

Watch as they wait with eagerness as they enter the ultrasound to see their new miracles – at first what they thought were only two embryos.

Ashley’s face reveals the shock of surprise that would change this family’s lives forever! Their miracle story is truly an incredible display of love, sacrifice, and perseverance.