She Was Complaining About Severe Headaches, Look What They Found In Her Nose

This poor thing had been fighting chronic sinusitis, which was depriving her of sleep and causing continuous headaches. This went on until her father discovered a way to relieve his daughter of her blocked nasal passages and was startled when he found just how severe the infection was.

Healthy sinuses are filled with air, but when they become infected, the tissue lining them can become inflamed. This inflammation of the sinuses results in blockage, which leads to a buildup of fluid and germs.


To flush out his daughter’s nose, this father used a device that alleviates congestion called a Neti pot. Inserting the spout of the pot into one nostril and letting the liquid help push out the build up, the source of this little girl’s congestion quickly becomes visible.

‘It’s too big,’ the girl tells her dad. ‘You can’t even take it out.’ However, after continuing to push through the pain, this brave little girl eventually managed to flush out all of the blockage.

Showing his daughter’s nasal discharge, the father writes, ‘Yep I know… disgusting, first time we experienced it, we just could not believe how much bacteria a little nose could hold!’

We can only imagine just how relieved this little girl must have felt after finally being able to unclog her nasal passage.

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