Don’t Ignore These Symptoms for Bloated Stomach

Too much consuming of food or maybe some problems with digestion may cause bloated stomach or intolerance of lactose. Also this issue might be appear by something even more dangerous, however we must to know when this problem is very serious. Bellow in the text you will find 10 diagnoses concerning with serious bloating:

Ascites: Situation in which you gain weight dramatically and there is an expansion of your waistline.

It happens as a cause of a liquid secretion in your abdominal part of the body. Your belly will be so bloated, like you are being pregnant. This could be a potential sign of liver disease. If it is not, it might be a symptom of hepatitis.

Loosing of Weight: In case you dramatically lose 10 percent of your weight without any diet, then you should definitely see a doctor, because it might be a serious sign of cancer in the intestines that presses your belly.

The result of it is: you feel stuffed with a small quantity of food.

Fever: In case the bloated stomach goes along with fever, then you definitely have some kind of infection or inflammation.

It is recommended to make a blood test immediately in order to check the number of white blood cells.

Cancer in the Pancreas: One of the deadliest cancers in the human body. It has very aggressive character and its characteristic symptoms are as follows: bloating with lack of appetite, pain in the upper abdomen, drastic weight loss.

Cancer in the Stomach: At the beginning, it doesn’t show any king of signs or symptoms.

But if you feel bloating, fullness in the upper part of the abdomen, or even nausea and drastic weight loss, then you should immediately talk with your doctor.

Cancer in the Ovaries: It is very common disease in women. The signs that show you might have ovarian cancer are constant bloating and pain in the pelvic.

The risk is very high in the women at the age of 50 and in those that have family history of this type of cancer.

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Cancer in the Uterus: The signs of this very serious disease are: constant pain in the pelvic, bloating, vaginal bleeding between periods, secretion of vaginal watery liquid mixed with blood, and feeling of pain during sex intercourse or while urination.

Blood in the Stool: In most cases, is not connected with some serious diseases, but probably it is associated with the occurrence of hemorrhoids, endometrial atrophy and fibroids.

Disease of the Liver: In most cases, it is benign and it is not dangerous. However, it might cause the cancer cells to transfer onto the other organs. It is so because of the fact that the blood filtration through it. Liver disease can occur at people who have family history with drunkards and people having hepatitis.

Inflammation in the Pelvic: It occurs with the infection of the ovaries or infection of the Falopian tubes, in most cases through diseases which are sexually transmitting, such as: chlamydia and gonorrhea. It also might occur in case of abortion, miscarriage or even childbirth.

It is recommended a detailed exam of the pelvic to be made while treating it with antibiotics in order not to lead to infertility.