Here is Why Should Not Re-Boil Water

Everyday activities as a long phone call, urgent meeting at the office and even making tea can lead us to reboil water. But we shouldn’t do this since water composition alters at a boiling point which makes this habit very dangerous.

At boiling point, water turns to steam made up of volatile compounds. When water turns to steam they burn out of the water and turn into gasses. During the process of reboiling water, the dissolved volatile gasses and minerals, the chemical components, change their structure for the second time which is very harmful.

If water is reboiled the dangerous components that should escape from the water will stay inside. Boiled water has healthy minerals but by reboling these healthy components the reboiled water will now contain arsenic, nitrates and fluoride. In this reboiled water we could find calcium and when big amouns are consumed they can form kudney stones and gallstones.

What are the negative effects of re-boiled water?

When the nitrates are exposed to high temperatures and the water reaches boiling point they become toxic.The composition of the nitrates change and turn into nitrosamines making them carcinogenic. By consuming it, you expose yourself to toxic nitrates, excessive fluoride intake, and arsenic intoxication.

This turns into invisible sediment and strays into the re-boiled water. Another danger is excessive fluoride intake which is dangerous and can cause neurological issues. It has been reported that children who receive a lot of fluoride may suffer from cognitive delays.

Drinking reboiled water can cause many health problems such as infertility, heart disease, neurological issues, and even different types of cancer.

Prevent toxic exposure by stop being lazy and simply change the boiled and cooled down water in the kettle. This will take less then a minute and avoiding the harm is worth it.