Natural Ways To Repel Bugs

Summer time is near out door and a lot of folks are energized about it. Outdoor camping trips, country festivals, swimming pools are couple of of its positive aspects but, some individuals are not as much thrilled for it simply because of the insects.

If you would like to take pleasure in your summer season and have all the entertaining in the world during it, without the dull nasty flying bugs and insects that are following next to it, here are some tips for keeping them away.

All of these tricks are completely natural because by using chemical insect repellents that contain DEET you will only do harm to your body.

Natural Ways to Repel Insects


Natural cedar is great against moth issues. Buy cedar blocks or shavings and place them inside your closet and you will keep away all those pesky little bugs that are after your clothes and fabrics.

Citrus Peels

Did you know that peels from any kind of citrus fruit can be used for keeping away the spiders? Rub down any area of your house with it where the spiders are present, from windowsills to bookshelves. It smells amazing and also is great natural polish for wood surfaces.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

In case of mosquitoes, lemon eucalyptus oil is as much as effective as the DEET. It also besides repelling mosquitoes it can be used to prevent deer tick bites.


Want an easy (and tasty!) way to keep the mosquitoes off of you? Just eat lots of garlic! When your body secretes the garlic, bugs will be able to sense it, and they will steer clear of you! You can also get the same effect by sprinkling garlic powder around your home, if you don’t want to battle garlic breath!

White Vinegar

Do you have an ant issue? Just put some white vinegar in a spray bottle, and lightly spritz areas where ants like to hang out. Make sure to test the solution first if you are going to be using it on carpet or a colored fabric. White vinegar has so many great uses around the house!


If you’re looking for a great way to keep bugs from ever getting into your house in the first place, plant some fragrant herbs around both the front and back doors of your house. Not only will these herbs keep insects from making themselves at home, they will also liven up all your dishes in the kitchen! Some great choices are catnip, lemongrass, garlic, mint, citronella, basil and even bay leaves!


Most people are fond of cinnamon, given its pleasant smell and taste, but apparently it is a great and natural way to keep insects away – sprinkle it lightly around your house and it will keep you safe!

Keep your house clean

This advice is not actually very funny as the others but, you must maintain your house clean in order to keep the pests away. Vacuum and clean the dust regularly and wash all the surfaces with soapy water. If you do this frequently you would not have frequent problems with pests.

Use Baby Powder

This is a good trick to keep insects away when you are indoors – lightly sprinkle the baby powder around the corners of your home just to keep wasps, mosquitoes and bees at bay.


Yes, ants are afraid of chalk! They will avoid walking through the chalk. This is great solution if you want to keep them away. Draw a few chalk lines around the house and indeed they will not even try to cross it.

Cucumber Slices

Slice up cucumber and leave them around your kitchen. It will keep the ants away because they cannot stand it and will be as far as possible from it.

Dryer Sheets

While you are hiking, camping or gardening, put dryer sheet inside your pocket. This will keep mosquitoes, gnats and other insects away from you. It is quite funny but it works and it is much easier than slathering on the bug spray. Also, your clothes will smell amazing.


A common insect repellent trick from the senior crowd? Slice up some onions, toss ’em in a bowl of water, and the bugs will run far away! You can also use onion plants in your garden as “companion plants”, to keep the bugs from attacking their partner plants!

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Vanilla Extract

This is another pleasant smelling extract that will act as an efficient insect repellent – you can either use it alone or you can mix it with mint extract, lavender or lemongrass extract, for the best results.

Wear more light than dark clothes

All of your clothes for summer should be lighter colored because mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing. If you practice the lighter side more the bugs will be away from you.


Sometimes when we are in stressed situation or we sweat, the hormones and pheromones which are released due to these activities attracts the bugs towards you. So, relax yourself, do not exercise outside and reduce your stress level.

Soybean Oil

Except for being excellent in cooking it is also amazing insect repellent. According to one recent study repellents which are made with soybean oil keep the mosquitoes away for 94.6 minutes which is far way more than any other tested repellent.


Citronella is a lemony grass-like plant that bugs absolutely hate! You probably already know about it, since it’s found in almost all outdoor candles, torches and lanterns. It is one of the most powerful natural insect repellents! You can buy or make the candles, but you can also plant citronella grass outside of your home, and you can buy the oil and rub it directly on your skin!

Use unscented products

Shampoos, soaps and every product which consists fruit- scented smell represents target of the bugs. They are attracted to smell of flowers and fruit so, if they represent problem to you, start using unscented body products.

Bat House

This is recommended if the bugs crossed the line of your patience. Yes it does sounds a little more unusual but by building a bat house and by attracting the bats to live near your house, mosquito population around you will significantly be reduced. They eat up to 3000 mosquitoes in a night so they can be much of a help. Ask someone with more experience to do the job.

Cut off standing water

If you own bird bath or pool for kids in your yard you might rethink if you are sure that you want to keep it. Mosquitoes love to live in standing water so, due to it remove any kind of standing water that you own and get rid of any containers that might harboring it.


Traps can be of a help. Make trap for mosquitoes by using 2 liter soda bottle, sugar and water. These materials are super cheap and can help you.