Mother Will Loses Her Feet by Common Item That Every Person Own

Jessica Jones from Mississipi, purchased a new pair of sandals and experienced a serious allergic problem! Regarding to (WVUE), Jessica’s ankle swelled up and looked purple! She said, at first she noticed a red splotch on her ankle right after just a single day of wearing the sandals.

She went to the doctor thinking it was a spider bite, but her doctor said it looked like cellulitis.

Jones got some antibiotics and went home.

The next day her ankles had painful blisters on them! At an emergency room in Picayune, Mississippi, the doctors diagnosed her with bullous pemphigoid, which is a rarest form of skin condition related to an autoimmune disorder.

Jones was sent home with steroid cream and pain pills – but the blisters grew! Jones saw more doctors and got different diagnoses from all of them!

One said it was a photosensitivity rash and another suggested it was systemic lupus erythematosus.

None of the medications she was given helped at all with the pain. Two weeks passed, and Jones called 911 and was rushed to Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.

A doctor there asked her if she had worn new shoes in the past few weeks! Finally, someone knew what was happening!

The leather sandals had caused a chemical burn.

Jones had a severe reaction to the chemicals in her shoes!

Jones is sharing her story to make sure no one else goes through what she did – at one point, she thought she may lose her feet!