Do You Know What Happens With Used Hotel Soaps

Hotel soaps always get thrown out every day, even unused ones! This a requirement for hotels to be positioned with a highly regarded rating of five diamonds. Although so many people endure and lose their lives from diseases due to the lack of proper sanitation, hotels simply chuck many bars of detergent out, triggering a huge wastage!

But one man, Shawn Siepler came up with a brilliant idea to solve this huge problem! He set up his own company, Clean The World (CTW) to recycle hotel soaps and donate them to needy countries.

Check out the photos below!

About one million bars of soap gets thrown out in the United States everyday!

Founder and CEO of Clean The World, Shawn Siepler.

This company does what the logo means, recycle soap and provide sanitation to the needy!

Hygiene is a major problem in poor countries because of the lack of sanitation products.

Hotel soaps are collected by the hotel staff and put into bins by trucks to a factory.

The company gets paid fifty cents a month for each room by a partner hotel.

Old soap bars are melted down and reformed into new soap bars like these below!

Leading hotels also help to recycle body wash, shampoo and conditioners too!

Volunteers check the bottles if they are three quarters full and throwing out empty ones.

Roughly sixteen thousand children under five still die due to poor sanitation diseases.

Thanks to Clean The World, children in poor countries now receive proper sanitation!

Twenty per cent of the hotels in the United States partner with Clean The World.

Check out the video below!

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