Many Uses Of Silica Gel

Generally, when we get new shoes or boots and some additional items we get bags with silicone gel. A lot of folks consider that these bags may possibly be harmful and worthless, but that is not correct at all. These silica gel bags consist of silicon dioxide within them that should never be consumed.

On the other hand, it is actually beneficial to have these bags at your house. There are granules on the inside of each bag, that can be white-colored or light yellow color.

The protection against moisture is attained by sealing the shoes or some other product in a suitable polythene container or bag together with an appropriate sized desiccant set.

These silica gel bags are non-toxic and harmless packed for product freshness.

Here are some great ways how to use the silica gel bags at home:

  • Put them in the training bag

The main thing is that these kind of bags absorb moisture. So, because of the fact that they multiply in a humid environment, they will help you save your bag of bacteria, and your bag will be dry, clean and without any bad smell.

  • Save your cosmetics

Place one of the bags in your make-up case, it will help you save the powder products from moisture.

  • Put them in the wardrobe with the clean clothes

It will help to keep longer the good smell of your clothes on the exact same way the silicon dioxide will prevent the spread of moisture.

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  • Save your cell phone

In case your cell phone was fallen into water, you can put 4 to 5 of these bags and put the phone in them. Your phone will be dry very soon and you can use it again, because the silicon dioxide have an ability to absorb all the water.

We often throw these marvelous silica gel bags because we are not aware of their properties. We hope this article helped you to find their place in your home and you will keep them like a gold!