Liver Disease Result Of Alcohol Addiction

At the age of 35, a U.K. lady called Jo appeared every bit the pregnant woman ready to pop. People on the bus would give up their seats for the woman or ask when she was due. Nevertheless, Jo was not expecting a baby.
The “baby bump” was in fact the outcome of her scary addiction to alcoholic beverages.
After working in a pub for many years, Jo fell victim to the temptations that regularly encircled her. She developed drinking habit that started increasing more serious over the course of 5 years, to the level she was consuming at least 3 bottles of wine each and every day.

The extreme consuming alcohol ruined her liver. Nutrients that would normally be processed by the liver built up inside her stomach.

When cirrhosis of the liver occurs, scar tissue replaces healthy tissue. As a result, Jo developed fluid retention that made her look pregnant. Every three weeks, she had to make a hospital trip and get the fluid drained. It was a painful procedure during which a needle and catheter were inserted into her body.

Thankfully, Jo got sober — but the liver damage was permanent. In between hospital visits, the fluid retention was so uncomfortable that she struggled to walk or dress herself. She moved back in with her mother who took care of her.

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Jo’s story serves as a powerful and scary reminder of what can happen in the face of alcohol abuse, and the damage it can cause to one’s body.

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