Foods To Consume And Not Gain Weight

Actually if you’re crazy regarding always keeping your body to be fit, generally there are foods that you can consume without having restrictions. They’re abundant in dietary fiber while being minimal calorie, satisfying you without having the possibility of increasing your weight.


This rich source of iodine prevents you from gaining weight, normalizes your hormones and helps your thyroid function normally.

Berries: strawberry, cranberry, currant

These fruits are extremely rich in Vitamin C and also represent excellent diuretics that remove the excess water from the body. Strawberries improve your cardiovascular system and also boost your digestion.


You can consume salads in extremely large quantities. They are great source of folic acid – 1 leaf of lettuce contains 3 kcal.

Plums and apples

Plums are full of potassium and vitamin C which maintain your vessels and heart. They improve your digestion and make you feel satiated. Only 50 kcal are consisted in one apple.

Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage

These foods are your best friends in the fight against excess fat and weight. The consumption of cauliflower and cabbage will do wonders to your figure.


This food can be consumed at any time of the day without the fear of gaining weight. Try to opt for boiled eggs.


This veggie is rich source of manganese and other nutrients. It regulates your blood sugar, drives your muscles and burn the excess fat in your body. Only 40 kcal are consisted in average portion.


This powerful veggie helps you get slimmer waist and figure, fights swelling and represents indispensable vegetable for people who want to lose weight.


24 kcal are consisted in a portion of baked or grilled eggplant. You can enjoy this savory plant without limitations.


95% water is consisted in this veggie. Thanks to its powerful diuretic properties it detoxifies the body and helps you lose weight.


This fruit is one of the best allies in the process of weight loss. The presence of bromelain in its content helps metabolize proteins and burn fat.

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Zucchin i

Only 42 kcal are consisted in a portion of zucchini. It improves intestinal functions and normalizes salt water ratio.


You can eat without fear if you fry popcorn without sugar and butter. Only 31 kcal are consisted in a cup of popcorn.

Watermelon and melon

These fruits contain only 60 kcal per slice. They satiate you well and remove the excess water from the body.

Tangerines, grapefruits and oranges

Citrus fruits are definitely the best fighters in the battle against fat and excess weight. They are full of vitamin C, flavanoids and fiber. These fruits improve your overall health, help your skin, liver, digestion and satiate you.