Keep the Baby Teeth They Can Save Your Child’s Life (VIDEO)

Doctor from the National Institute of Dental Songato Shi, in some research he discovered that a few dozen important stem cells are located in the baby teeth. These stem cells are very valuable because they can be used for treating various diseases in the future.

The experts have been researching the impacts of the stem cells on organs like the heart, the brain, the pancreas, and other organs, and their effects when it comes to repairing the possible damage from a certain disease. Doctor Shi and the team found out that the adult teeth contain one type of stem cells, while baby teeth (from kids aged between 7 or 8) contain totally different stem cells.

It was discovered that baby teeth can actually save life, just like the baby’s cord blood can. This means that, in case you cannot afford banking your baby’s cord blood for stem cells, or in case you have not thought about this on time, now you can do it by saving your child’s baby teeth.

How does it work?

The stem cells are in fact situated in the dental pulp in the tooth. These cells can regenerate into neurons, bone, and cartilage, or even into cardiac cells. This method can save your life and help a lot in the treatment of type I diabetes, as the stem cells from the teeth can be converted into pancreatic cells which are responsible for production of insulin.

If you want to preserve the stem cells which can be beneficial, they need to be alive. Within 48 hours of being frozen, the dental pulp requires an adequate blood supply, or the cell will die.

According to Doctor Peter Murray, the Director of Dental Regenerative Laboratory, oral and teeth tissue can be regenerated by stem cells from baby teeth, tooth buds, periodontal tissue, third molars, or induced pluripotent cells.

Baby teeth can be stored in special services which suggest that the best way to remove a baby tooth is to take the child to a dentist professional, because the tooth should not be dangling. In case that the tooth is dangling, is it very likely that it does not contain sufficient blood supply. You can find storage containers and at-home collection processes at the market, you can get packages and supplies so that you save your child’s baby teeth by yourself.

Here is a video in which a dentist speaks and encourages parents to preserve their baby’s teeth, as they can be life-saving.

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