Effective Ways to Stop Bedwetting

Children do not do this purpose or out of laziness. It often occurs because of a small bladder, delayed bladder maturation, excessive urine production, urinary tract infection, stress, chronic constipation, or a hormone disbalance.

A few youngsters are profound sleepers and their mind does not get the flag that their bladder is full. Additionally, in a greater part of cases, bedwetting is an acquired issue.

Kids regularly exceed bedwetting as they age, yet it can humiliate and cause your kid to bashful far from social exercises, for example, sleep parties.

You can help your youngster quit wetting the bed with these 4 simple and basic home remedies.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry, or better known in the subcontinent as “Amla”, is an exceptional Arurvedic natural remedy for bedwetting.

Methods of using Indian Gooseberry for Bed Wetting

  1. Deseed and crush 2-3 Indian gooseberries. Ad a tablespoon of honey along with a pinch of turmeric. Mix and give one tablepoon of this mixture to your child every morning.
  2. Another effective method is to make your child have 1 teaspoon of the pulp of Indian gooseberry mixed with a pinch of black pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps balance the body’s pH and reduce acid levels which may be contributing to the problem. It will also aids detoxification and treat constipation.

  1. Stir two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
  2. Optionally, add a little raw honey.
  3. Have your child drink it with each meal.


One of the countless health benefits of massage include its ability to cure bedwetting in children. For effective treatment, use olive oil.

Heat olive oil and when it is comfortably warm, rub and massage all over the child’s lower abdomen. Massage the area for 5-10 minutes. Follow this remedy everyday and you will gradually notice improvement in your kid.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice is beneficial for the bladder and urinary tract. It is one of the most renowned remedies for children with bedwetting issues.

Albeit most fluids ought to be maintained a strategic distance from soon before bed, you can give your youngster some crisp cranberry juice one hour before going to bed. Rehash this procedure every day for no less than a couple of weeks.

In the event that bedwetting is because of urinary contamination, give your youngster one some cranberry squeeze three times each day.

Walnuts and Raisins

Walnuts and raisins can also be utilized to lessen the recurrence of bedwetting. Numerous youngsters will love this as a wonderful nibble.

Give your kid two walnuts and five raisins before going to bed.

Bedwetting is not a problem that can be solved in a day or two. Be patient and allow these remedies time to work.