How Our Body Reacts To Instant Food

Instant noodles are an option that teenagers and young adults frequently turn to when they lack time and eagerness to cook a proper meal. These fast snacks are a life saver for when you have a tight schedule. To prepare them, all you need is some boiling hot water in which you will add and mix the contents of the flavor packets, stir, and there you have them! Ready to eat!

Nevertheless, have in mind that the instant noodles are processed, which means they are incredibly bad for your overall health, based on Dr. Sunil Sharma, the chief of emergency in a New Delhi hospital and general physician.

“In most cases monosodium glutamate (MSG) as well as tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) – a chemical preservative derived from the petroleum industry – may be present in instant noodles for their taste enhancing and preserving properties. Though dietary intake of these elements is allowed within a limit, regular intake of these can cause severe health issues,” Dr. Sharma stated.

In 2013, a gastrointestinal specialist from Massachusetts conducted an experiment to see how the human digestive system deals with instant noodles with the help of a pill-sized camera called the “smart pill.”

Footage from the tiny camera revealed that it takes a long time for the stomach to digest instant noodles. The doctors who conducted the study clarified that eating instant noodles is not necessarily bad for you unless you’ve had too much. This applies to any kind of processed food.

“One of the biggest problems these days is the fact that people have started replacing real food with fast food,” Dr. Sharma noted.

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